December 11, 2017 6:26 pm

Angry Protesters blocked roads in Paonta Sahib : Bahala Dhartidhar Rape Case

Paonta Sahib :  The public of Sataun is not happy with the actions police is taking about the Dhartidhar, Bahala Jungle rape case. Unhappy peoples of Sataun village today blocked the Dehradoon Shimla and Dehradoon Chandigarh Highway with dead body of girl On Y-Point Paonta Sahib. Peoples believe that this is not a job of one person, there may be other accused too, whom police and strong political leaders presence in the case is hiding.

Protesters On Y-Point Paonta Sahib with Girl dead body
Protesters On Y-Point Paonta Sahib with Girl dead body

What was the case exactly, A 24 years old girl of Sataun, who work as a marketing representative in a company in Paonta sahib was missing from 31st May. The girl was last seen with accused on Bahala area. Mobile phone of girl played a big role in solving this case. The location of a last call was found from Bahala area and call was made to accused Vipin Thakur. After arresting Vipin, he claimed the crime and told police that on 31st evening when girl asked for a lift, he taken her on his bike and at Bahala forest area he raped girl and killed her by throwing stone on her face. After that he left her there on same condition and next day hidden her with more stone and leafs. After the acceptance of rape and murder from accused Vipin Thakur (24) Son of Tejveer Thakur who belongs to village Kansar.  Police was relaxed and found this case solved. But villager believe that this is not a job of one person, there may be other peoples involved in the case too, whom they want arrested, unhappy peoples from the lazy actions of Police want accused to be overhanded to public and then teach him lessen for that. One protester said “who can understand the grief of innocent girls relatives. If this happens to you then you will know, what it feels, We want Vipin Thakur, We will ask him and teach him how to rape. Also there are other involved too” What happened with the girl is really sad, As an writer of this post, I want justice for her and want all accused got arrested and taught lesson of the act they had done.

Repornarendert :- Narender Sharma

Shimla/ Himachal Pradesh/


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